Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gifts That Keep On Giving...

For our anniversary, I gave Jason Beaver Fever!

GIANT Microbes -Giardia (Giardia lamblia) - Plush Toy

See that cuddly little guy up there? That's a plush version of the Giardia parasite. I had Giardia once as a child (see my April 12th entry), so I thought Jay should have a chance to have it too. We love each other and we like to share everything.

As I was perusing the Giant Microbes plush toy website, I briefly thought about giving Jason something a little more extreme and therefore (according to my sense of humor) much funnier - something like Black Death or herpes. However, I ultimately decided that such a gift might be a kind of jinx that could backfire on me spectacularly.

Here's the kind of scenario that I envisioned/feared:

ME: Happy Anniversary! Look, I'm giving you herpes!
JASON: Too late!

Oh well. Maybe I really should have gone with herpes... we could have made some great "re-gifting" jokes.

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Rita said...

I love that website. I sent my dad a box of assorted mini viruses last year for his birthday. Then there was an akward joke about Southern family member giving each other STD's and how we were from Texas, not Arkansas