About Me!

Update: 18 September 2014

Oh hey!

In case anyone new drops by, I just wanted to note that this blog has not been maintained in a very long time.

I'm sure there's some fun stuff to be found if you sift through, but there's also quite a bit off chaff. So, be prepared for a mixed experience if you decide to poke around. <3 p="">

My name is Lola and this is my blog.

The Blog:

The world can be a tough place; it's awfully easy to become jaded, cynical or depressed. But I don't want that for myself. I don't want that for anyone else, either.

This blog is my way of fortifying my funny bone and refusing to take myself too seriously. It's my way of reviving that awkward little kid inside of me that loves dinosaurs, dumb jokes and lettuce-and-butter sandwiches. This blog is my public book of penpal letters to the world, and I have filled it with stories, stick figures and ugly childhood photos.

With Composing Lola: Your Daily Spoonful of Sugar, I have made a commitment to find a little bit of the sweetness and humor in life, in my own way, every day.

This is a picture of me:

(Hair color subject to change without notice.)

And this is a photo of me:

From Pi Day Pie Challenge