Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I Haven't Been Blogging: The Honest Truth

A lot of people have been asking about my blog, wondering why I haven't been posting. I've received a number of complaints from readers - some subtly pleading ("I'm going through serious blog withdrawal") and some a little less subtle ("WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN YOUR BLOG").

I've been dealing with some really dark and personal struggles over the past few weeks. The part of me that craves privacy wants to stay silent but, as difficult as it may be, I've decided that I owe it to you all to explain what's been going on. So here it is - the truth behind why I haven't been blogging:

After weeks of neglecting Composing Lola, my blog was seized by protective services.

I have my excuses. I just moved two thousand miles away from my family, friends and the world I grew up in. I just started a new job. Things have been hectic. I've been tired. The bars around here have astonishingly cheap drink specials.

But all along, though I've tried to reassure myself with the comforting blindfold of excuses, I've never been able to lose sight of the truth: If I wasn't ready to fully commit to a once-daily blog, then I never should have brought it into this world in the first place.

So I stand before you, humbled. I have my blog back. I hope you'll all honor me with your support while my blog and I repair our relationship. I know the road ahead may be difficult, but I also know that the wounds of a hard journey may be tended to with the gauze of nostalgia and new memories.

Also, here is a hastily drawn picture of a hulked-out werehamster: