Saturday, May 22, 2010

My College Graduation

Here's a photo of me at my graduation from Salem State College on May 17th, 2008:

Hold on, I know I must have a picture from the ceremony somewhere. I can remember getting ready for it - I got up early, showered, got my nails done and... hmmm...

Oh. That's right - I had made a small scheduling error for that day.

I scheduled my wedding on the same day as my graduation.

So, when it came down to it, I had to make a choice: attend my college graduation ceremony or attend my wedding ceremony.

Five points if you can correctly guess which one I picked.

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Jason Dubinsky said...

Oh, man...I was pretty intoxicated that day, but I'm pretty sure, no, I'm just about positive that I remember seeing you at my wedding. You were the most beautiful bride that ever lived.

I still feel bad you don't have any graduation photos though. I'll let you wear my fancy gown tomorrow, and through the magic of Photoshop we'll be able to convince ourselves that you were in two places at once.