Monday, May 3, 2010

I Didn't Shoot My Eye Out!

This past weekend, I travelled down to Connecticut to join my sister, my mother, two of my aunts and over a hundred other women for one of the most meaningful and beautiful bonding rituals that human beings can engage in:

Shooting things.

Here are some photos from our day at Rockville Fish and Game Club's Ladies Range Day.

There were jokes aplenty about how huge the safety goggles looked on me. This brought back memories of when I was well into my twenties and still buying kid-size eyeglasses. The problem, you see, is that I have what an old boyfriend once referred to as, "a tiny pygmy midget head."

At one point in the day, my sister asked me to hold onto her earplugs for her. My pants were too tight for me to comfortably squeeze anything into the pockets, so I went with what was obviously the next best solution:

Oh man, look at me in that photo above - I had totally just let one fly!

Yup. That's my pistol-packin' mama.

Our particular group of ladies was the "Silver Stars". My Aunt Sue was our "shepherd"; she would hold a paddle-like sign aloft as she herded us  from station to station, thus ensuring that no one in our group would go astray.

Early in the afternoon my mom spotted the shepherd paddle lying unattended on a picnic table. She immediately seized it and started waving it around. Below you can see her, laughing maniacally, completely drunk on power!

Here's my favorite shot of me from Ladies Range Day:

I was actually a pretty good shot! Now I just have to be careful not to mix up any of these photos with the old photos I have from when I was a Super Secret Spy Assassin Marksman Sniper Soldier of Awesome. What a good gig that was.

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