Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the fourth be with you!

Happy International Star Wars Day!

I celebrated by making some Star Wars-themed snacks. Here's a photo of Jason enjoying the Yoda Soda that I concocted:

Okay, it doesn't really look like he's enjoying it in that photo. He looks a little scared.

Ah, much better!

I made my Yoda Soda with kiwi and strawberry flavored sparkling water, Midori, Grey Goose L'Orange and... probably a couple other things. I can't remember - probably because I've consumed too much Yoda Soda.

Oh, and hey, guess what else I made?

Check it out:

Wookiee Cookiees!

These cookies are so tasty; I can't decide if I should eat them all up or if I should freeze some and save them for Shaggy Brown Dog Day.

Or Placid Brown Jellyfish Day.

Or in case Pac-Man ever introduces a new, brown ghost to the game.

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your sister said...

i wish i lived with you - scott and ryan aren't nearly as clever or entertaining lol