Monday, May 24, 2010

An Extra Hole

Most people only have two holes in their nose. I have the traditional two nostrils, plus an additional tiny hole on the left side of my schnoz. It looks like this:

(Image not to scale.)

I got my nose pierced a few years ago, shortly after I started dating Jason. I remember being mortified because, as the piercing was being put in, my left eye began to water uncontrollably (the right one stayed dry.) I didn't want Jay to think I was the type of girl who would cry simply because she was being stabbed in the face with a needle.

I'm not permitted to wear a nose ring at work. I think that aspect of the dress code is dumb, but I prefer to choose my battles; once I convince them to let me wear a light-up unicorn horn glued to my forehead, I'll move on to fighting for the nose ring.

My nose ring can both lead to and save me from certain embarrassing situations. Adjusting the piercing requires me to stick my thumb up my left nostril to fiddle with the backing. On more than one occasion someone has spotted me doing this and cringed, prompting me to hurriedly explain that I am simply fixing my piercing and not just picking my nose. On the flip side, I've also been caught, on more than one occasion, picking my nose and I've been able to just gesture to my piercing and claim that I was merely repositioning the stud. Unfortunately, this only works if I'm harvesting boogers out of my left nostril.

Hmm... I wonder how I'd look with both sides of my nosed pierced?

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