Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lola learns a new word...

Google Analytics allows me to see a list of search engine keywords that have lead people to my blog. For example, if you entered, "Lola Cutter Hensel Mega Awesome Smash Bigtime" into a search engine and then found my blog, I'd be able to see that on my Analytics page.

Some of the keywords make perfect sense ("composing lola", "lasik" or "photoshop"), and some seem random and hilarious. A few weeks ago, Jason pointed out one particularly bizarre-sounding keyword phrase:

pig man vore

Pig man vore? We had no idea what that meant, or why it would lead people to my blog. We laughed it off. Then, tonight, I checked my Analytics account and found another curious keyword phrase:

lola bunny vore

At least this one has my name in it, I thought - but I was now officially curious enough to look up the word "vore" online.

And, oh boy...

From Urban Dictionary:
1. vore

Short for "voraphilia" or "vorarephilia": a fetish in which one fantasizes about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive (sometimes known as phagophilia). The most common type of vore is "soft vore", being swallowed or swallowing whole with no bloodshed. There is also the less common "hard vore" which involves the tearing and chewing of flesh.


Now, as I think back over blog entries where I...

1. Devour a small whatsit

2. Post photos of my face smeared with what looks a bit like ravaged viscera

3. Allude to eating a live cat

... it all makes a little more sense.

I will now go to bed with that warm, squishy feeling that only accompanies a revelation that is simultaneously both horrific and delightful. Sweet dreams y'all!


Jessica said...

I had to google that first phrase, just so that it shows up in your analysis tomorrow. :) Enjoy!

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

haha... Yup, it's there! Awesome, thanks :)