Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Unhappiest Family in America

In June of 1995, my parents took my sister and me on a vacation to Disney World. I remember having a great time but, for some reason, in the only three pictures I have that document the experience we all look acutely miserable.


See that face my mom is making? That face says, "Make one comment about my Hawaiian shirt and I will destroy you."

My sister seems to be attempting at least a half smile in this photo. I seem to be praying for the moment when I can put my headphones back on.

My dad, my sister and I - all refusing to even look at the camera in this one. Even the woman sitting behind my dad looks pissed off.

So, what happened? Are my memories of a happy vacation actually a trick that my mind played to block the intense suffering we all endured? All three of these photos were taken in restaurants... maybe the service was just really slow?

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Anonymous said...

Kids at Disney don't want to stop to eat....ever. I am sure that whenever you were not eating you were euphoric.