Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hurricane Lola?

Tonight, as I was reading through an old entry that mentioned Hurricane Bob, I wondered if there had ever been a Hurricane Lola. While my internet search yielded no evidence of any such hurricane, I was able to find information on 2008's Moderate Tropical Storm Lola.

I was instantly disappointed that the tropical storm that shared my name was so "moderate"... other storms from the 2007-08 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season, like Intense Tropical Cyclone Ivan and Severe Tropical Storm Bongwe, sounded so much more badass.

Then I read the description for Moderate Lola.

Paraphrased from Wikipedia:

An area of disturbed weather, identified on March 20, became a tropical disturbance on March 21, and a depression later that day. The system became Moderate Tropical Storm Lola early March 22 based on it having gale-force winds in the southern quadrant far away from the center and due to it having deep convection. Lola weakened back to a tropical depression that afternoon. It alternated between depression and disturbance a few times until the final advisory was issued on March 26.

Erratically alternating between depression and disturbance? The evolution of this storm exactly mirrored my own development from puberty through high school! Amazing!

The part about having deep convection struck a chord as well - but, please, no comments about me having "gale-force winds in the southern quadrant".

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