Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wait... What?

One of the most perplexing situations I deal with at work:

I ask a guest a question. The guest answers me. Then, after an awkward, agonizing pause, I realize that they haven't given me an answer at all.


Me: (Gesturing to a near-empty plate.) Are you still working on your meal or would you like me to clear your plate?
Guest: Yes.

I am both paranoid and imaginative, so in a scenario like this - instead of immediately realizing that the guest is just a bit spacey - I usually become fearful that my mind is crumbling and reality is folding in on itself. Instead of asking the guest to clarify their preference, I tend to smile nervously and run.

This one happened just a week ago:

Me: (Nodding toward a wineglass that has only a sip left.) Would you like another glass of wine?
Guest: Maybe...
(Five second pause.)
Me: So...?

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