Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am a hugger.

During greetings and farewells, I prefer to forgo the formal handshake, the breezy wave, the fraternal fist-bump; I go right in for a hug.

And, though it might be a tad unfair, I can't help but judge people by the quality of their hugs. The vast majority of people are genuinely warm and receptive, even those who express initial confusion (I get a fair amount of, "Oh... a hug..." when they realize I've reached past their outstretched hand and am going in for the good stuff.) The occasional limp embrace, though, always leaves me feeling suspicious.

So, in celebration of Earth Day, it made perfect sense that I should go out and give the earth a big hug. Jason took photos.

Enjoy the following picture. I will attempt to anticipate and respond to your comments below.

1. Yes, I realize that this more closely resembles a crime scene photograph than a commemorative Earth Day snapshot.

2. Yes, the earth gives good hugs.

3. No, this entry is not an attempt at a cover-up directed toward anyone who might have seen me passed out in front of my house after last night's Sox game.

1 comment:

your creepy sister said...

being the true-crime addict that i am, i have to admit the pic immediately made me think of the black dahlia crime scene photos... except you're not naked... or cut in half at the waist.