Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ugh! I spilled irony all over myself!

Yesterday I met Jason at the Salem State College cafeteria on North Campus for a lunch date. After placing a hamburger patty on a bun, I called over to the cafeteria worker who was manning the grill;

"Hi," I said, "Could I please have some cheese for my burger?"

The guy by the grill looked me up and down and then laughed.

"I appreciate the irony in your shirt," he said.

Confused, I pulled at the sleeve of my maroon sweatshirt.

"Oh," I said, "it's really comfy."

The cafeteria guy gave me my slice of American cheese and I moved on. After a moment, though, I realized what had happened.

That afternoon, I was wearing the same sweatshirt that I was wearing in this (extremely flattering) picture:


I'm not a vegetarian anymore. Haven't been for about four years. However, I still wear this sweatshirt on a very regular basis because, as I told the grill guy, it's really comfortable.

 (Me, moments before ending my vegetarianism by eating a live cat.)

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