Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hair ADD

I have long suffered from a disorder that I refer to as Hair ADD. Here are a few photos from some looks that I've pulled off (or haven't) over the years:

The Weirdo College Freshman 



Bang! Bangs!

And, my all-time favorite...

The Blacklight Responsive Dread Extensions
The Predator

Sweet, sweet dread extensions... oh, how my heart longs for the touch of your coarse, wooly tendrils on my cheek.

Whatever will I do with my hair next?


Miss Kolleen said...

i too had the rogue hair, always a delight.

oh, the many stages of my hair, too! i love your extensions, i loved mine--- i long for extensions again, but i'm afraid i'll hate them.

Kelly said...

I remember the "weird freshman" hairdo. You weren't weird, you were unique and I knew you belonged in theater :)

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

haha, thanks Kelly