Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nostalgia/Scanners Part III: Son of the Scanner

This is what you get when you scan a stuffed rabbit:

Meet Girl, my oldest stuffed animal. My parents gave her to me as a Valentine's Day gift when I was just a wee thing and I, following a train of logic accessible only to those who haven't yet learned to tie their shoes, named her Girl. Because she's a girl. 

I had a couple of other brilliant toy name choices in my childhood. First mention goes to my favorite bath toy, Sucky Ducky. Second mention goes to a toy that falls under the category of:

Terrible, Terrible Toy Ideas for Children

I used to have a Cabbage Patch Kid Preemie. I named her Creamy. Creamy the Preemie.

Yes, that's right: I had my very own plush, adorable premature baby doll. Because that's what every girl dreams of.

Don't get me wrong - my nephew was a preemie, and he's the best. But I don't think anyone would have been disappointed if he had waited a couple of more months before he decided to bust out of my sister's womb.

I mean, seriously, Cabbage Patch Kid Preemies?

"Mommy, Mommy! The preemie in that commercial is so little and cute! Can I have a preemie of my own someday?"

"Of course you can, darling. Just keep practicing with your candy cigarettes and your Big League Chew."


Miss Kolleen said...

haha "you were a preemie, you got so big from your grandma's cooking!"

so thats how they do it!

this post inspired yesterday's picture of the day, which isn't up yet. xoxo

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

yeah, that commercial is a real "hoot", as they say.

for me, the most enlightening part of researching this post was learning what candy cigarettes are called in the UK.

(check the Wikipedia link if you haven't already. it's worth it.)