Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A, B, C ... or WTF

Oh, Salem State College... your academic accolades are so deliciously fickle!

I would like to take a moment tonight to congratulate both my husband, Jason, and my good friend Kolleen, for getting on the Dean's List this semester... while also, somehow, simultaneously (due to some bizarre computer glitch) getting notice that they are on academic probation.

This world is a crazy place. I hope your education has prepared you for it.


Jenna said...

That happened to me at NSCC -- I was on the Dean's List but also on academic probation for dropping classes. Lame.

Matt said...

HAHA. As did I! i received a 3.7 this semester (one of my finest achievements if i may say so myself)...but somehow still got a notice in the mail saying I'm on probation... oh SSC how i love you so