Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ryan's Song

When I was in seventh grade, my friends and I would utilize our time during Spanish class to come up with useful phrases like, "Todos mis amigos son monos" (All of my friends are monkeys) and "El tocino es mi hermano" (The bacon is my brother). As an adult, my uses for the language haven't matured much.

I call my nephew, Ryan, "my little chuleta de cerdo" (pork chop). Last week I went on a walk with my family, and little Ryan was strapped in to a carrier on my dad's back. Ryan was wearing an infant-sized baseball cap positioned at a jaunty angle and striped pants that looked like they were inspired by a man's Victorian-era swimsuit. As I admired his outfit I composed a song that I sang to him over and over for the rest of the day.

Ryan's Song
Me gusta mi sombrero,
Me gusta mis pantalones.
Me gusta todo febrero,
Me gusta camarones.
I like my hat,
I like my pants.
I like all of February,
I like shrimp.


the pork chop's mother said...

i totally have it stuck in my head now, lol.... i wish we had taken a pic to commemorate the moment

Miss Kolleen said...

in spanish class, which i cheated my way through (this was high school), we didn''t like a boy named ed, so we would work "ed es muy sucio" into every single project we did. this was just me and 3 of my friends. ed didn't care, though, and went on to be my best friend's boyfriend for like, 8 years.

also, i used to like to say pepito penguino.

i hate spanish, though.