Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Self-Inflicted Nightmares

I have always had a very active imagination - sometimes to a fault.

My mom was very good about tucking me into bed when I was child. She would tuck me in super tight, so I would feel safe, turn on my nightlight, and then wish me sweet dreams. I would then curl up tightly, my knees pulled to my chest, and pull the sheets over my head (praying fervently that monsters wouldn't devour me) until I fell asleep. That was my ritual.

One night, while sleeping, I somehow managed to turn myself completely around beneath the sheets. I had some sort of terrible nightmare that night. When I woke up, the top half of me was tightly tucked beneath the sheets at the bottom of the bed. I had no idea what was happening - I just panicked. I was pretty sure that demons had trapped me beneath my sheets and were about to attack.

I don't remember much after that point. I remember screaming. I remember my mom coming to save me. I remember her assuring me that vicious, sharp-toothed monsters probably weren't going to burst out of my closet and eat me alive.

I also remember that I continued to sleep with a nightlight on until I was about fourteen.


Jason Dubinsky said...

"probably" hahah

Dan "The Microwave" Clinton said...

I had a window that was perfect for vampire entry. I understand.

your amused sister said...

omg i was going to leave the same comment jason did - she assured you that vicious sharp-toothed monsters PROBABLY weren't going to attack you? hahahaha

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

That may not have been exactly what she said, but that's definitely what I heard.

Noel said...

I still can't sleep in the dark if I'm by myself. I wasn't afraid of monsters, I was always afraid of murderers and kidnappers. Which put my mother in a tough spot because she couldn't tell me they weren't real.