Saturday, June 19, 2010

My New Favorite Mispronunciation

One of my coworkers recently went skydiving and seems to have developed an adrenaline addiction. Today at work, he told me about his upcoming plans to be lowered into the ocean in a shark-proof cage for some shark watching action.

ME: That's awesome Stevie, you're crazy!
STEVIE: Don't worry, they'll be throwing chung in the water to distract the sharks.
ME: Oh.
ME: What are they going to be throwing in the water?
STEVIE: Chung.
ME: I think it's called chum.


Silver said...

I shudder to contemplate how Wang Chung would apply.

your still laughing sister said...

my favorite comment of late - not a mispronunciation, but just as entertaining. and no he wasn't joking:

(while i'm bartending 2 sundays ago and we're discussing the ramifications of the oil leak on louisiana's economy)

Tina: all louisiana has to make money is seafood.
Me: and tourism.
Glenn: and the Kentucky Derby.