Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thunder Hangover

I feel like junk today.

An air-quaking, sky-blazing thunder and lightning storm of apocalyptic proportions swept through town early this morning around 3:30 AM. Normally I love thunder, but this morning I was genuinely scared. One crack of thunder was so intense that I felt the house shake. It knocked the electricity out and set off all the car alarms within earshot.

I got out of bed and didn't return for hours - not because I wasn't sleepy (I was) but because my imagination still gets the best of me. In my delirious state, I became concerned that we were under attack by aliens that use massive weapons of atmospheric disturbance to disable civilizations. I wanted to be awake if it became apparent that I should speed down to White Hen and buy up all the water and canned goods I could find before the inevitable riots began.

You can never be too vigilant when it comes to a malevolent alien apocalypse, I reasoned.

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