Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thanks, Dad, For Believing I Can Be Like Rambo

My education was very important to my dad when I was growing up. To this end, he made sure that I saw certain films that were essential for a developing young mind. I remember sitting next to him on our couch and watching, and re-watching, movies like The Terminator and Aliens. Dad wanted me to be exposed to positive, capable female role models and I came to agree that Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley fit the bill perfectly.

One of my childhood favorites, introduced to me by my dad, was First Blood. I adored feral, mentally unstable John Rambo. I also adored his knife.

Shortly after the release of First Blood, my dad had purchased a very awesome weapon that he referred to as his "Rambo knife". I remember, when I was young, finding the spot in my parents bedroom where Dad kept the knife hidden. Whenever I had the chance I would sneak in and admire the blade, slipping it gently from its casing and running my little fingers over its serrated edge.

A few days ago, my dad gave me one of the greatest gifts that any man has ever given his daughter.


The Rambo knife!

He gave it to me with both the original sheath and a new sheath, and he showed me how to sharpen it. A fully functioning compass is set into the pommel. The handle of the knife is hollow and houses some matches, sewing needles, fishing hooks with line and a... well, a whatever-this-is:

Dad suggested it might be a band saw. If you can figure it out, let me know!

MOM: I can't believe you gave your daughter a dagger.
DAD: (Indignant.) It's not a dagger, it's a survival knife.
ME: Yeah!

My dad has insisted, a couple of times now, that he gave me the knife because he wanted me to have a compass for any hiking I might do, but I know there's more to it than that.

Thanks, Dad, for believing I can be like Rambo!


Priscilla said...

Although my Dad never gave me a Rambo knofe (prolly because he and I actually pre-date Rambo) he did give me my Girl Scout jackknife and, more important, taught me how to sharpen it on a carborundum stone with neat oil, and dry it with a chamois. This was to be done after every use, and once a week if it wasn't being used. We did woods walking and I had to make notches to mark our trail. My Dad believed I could do anything I wanted - and even some things I didn't want to do. We are so lucky to have had Dads like ours - enlightened before their time!

Silver said...

"It" would be what the manufacturer called a wire saw, but is basically a garrotte.

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

Right on, Priscilla!

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

Oh, of course - a garrotte!

Wait... what's a garrotte?

Veronica said...

I was going to guess a garotte as well. That way, Lola, you can take out your enemies silently -- they'll never know you're there until it's too late!

DC said...

A Garotte is used to strangle animals or if you prefer... people.
I had this same knife when I was a kid and it breaks if you try to use it as a saw. As far as him wanting you to have this because of the compass.... Rambo told me he just uses a cellphone these days lmao!!

your amused sister said...

wait wait wait - that's one of those things that you come up from behind and strangle people with??!! and they just include those in hunting knives? dad had a deadly weapon inside a deadly weapon and didn't even know it, lol.