Monday, March 8, 2010

Quiz Time!

  View the following childhood photo and then choose the correct answer to the question below.

In this photo I am:

A) Enjoying a delightful, dad-assisted ride on my totally sweet rocking horse.
B) Contemplating my pediatrician's prognosis that my horribly crossed eyes would eventually self-correct.
C) Trying to figure out if that gentleman in the poster behind me is Tom Selleck or my dad.


ryan's mama said...

omg love it love it love it... and you look a lot like ryan in that pic! which makes me NEED to say - noticing a super lack of nephew related posts......

your sis said...

forgot to mention - never saw this pic before and who the heck's hat was that? our parents owned a cowboy hat? did our tragic lip explosion cause me to block out a few years of our childhood? have i ever even met you? what am i doing on this site? ;)