Saturday, March 6, 2010

#637 on the List of Things That Confuse Me

Okay, so...

People "turn their nose up at" things that they deem not good enough for them, right?

So what would the opposite reaction be? If you found something quite satisfying, might you "turn your nose down toward" it? Or, if you were really excited about something and wanted to be appropriately humble before it, might you "smash your nose onto" it?

The only way to be sure, I decided, was to give it a try. So I took a little walk around my apartment - just strolled around, mashing my nose on things I like.

Frank's Red Hot! Nose-smash!

Xbox 360! Smash!

iPod Touch! And... SMASH!

I chose to turn my nose up at this particular door... its corner and my forehead
had an unfortunate run-in last night.

Mina definitely got a nose-smash from me.
Based on her expression, though, I don't think she would have reciprocated.

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