Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Passover!

Today Jason and I drove down to his Aunt and Uncle's house for a Passover Seder. On the way, I explained to Jason why I prefer the term "Jew" over "Jewish".

Personally, I told him, I only use the suffix, "ish" when I'm describing something non-committal or iffy. For example:

"Sure, I'll get up early on my day off and meet you at the gym. I'll probably be there at nine-ish."

"Nah, this soup isn't too cold. It's warm...ish."

Thus, the proclamation, "My husband is a Jew" seems much bolder to me than the lukewarm, "My husband is Jew... ish."

Take note, natives of England: Be proud! Be "Brits", not "Brit-ish"! Children of Sweden: be "Swedes", not merely"Swed-ish" (chefs and tasty red gummy-fish included)!

I am granting one exception to this theory, and it goes to flaky breakfast pastry. No one wants to have a piece of cheese "dane" with their coffee. That just sounds dumb.

Jason, with a kippah on his keppe!


Charles Michael said...

What if you're Irish? I'm Ire!?

B said...

Would folks from Cornwall be Corn?

Speaking of which, my mother had some delicious Gefilte F___ at our Passover seder last night.

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

Michael, in that particular instance I would support something more along the lines of "Irelanders" or "Irelandians".

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

B, I am very tired and am suffering from a mild Manishewitz hangover, so at first I thought you censored part of your comment because you sensed (correctly) that I detest Gefilte Fish.

Then I got the joke and gave a hearty LOL.

Miss Kolleen said...

jay is a hardcore jew. he once flipped out because his yarmukle fell on the floor. its the most vivid jew moment i h ave of jay, but he doesn't remember it. ah well.