Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not Many People Could Pull That Off

Here's a picture of my friend Kolleen that she posted on her Facebook page:

I really liked her outfit in this picture, so I left a comment beneath the photo that said:

"A denim jacket AND a leather jacket? Woah. Not many people could pull that off."

A few minutes passed, and then it suddenly occurred to me that my comment could be taken the wrong way. I went back and left another comment that said:

"... and you do pull it off. In case I wasn't being clear."

The upshot of all this is that I discovered my new favorite backhanded compliment! Next time I'm prompted to comment on an outfit that makes me wince, I'll be ready.

For example:

"A Roger Rabbit nightgown, silly straw glasses AND headgear? Well... wow. Not many people could pull that off."


Miss Kolleen said...

ahahaha looking good as usual!

i have to say i totally ripped of my friend jamie with this look-- she perfected it, and then i ganked it. (

Anonymous said...

You are the QUEEN of awkward childhood photos. I love it!