Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will You Go to the Prom with Me?

I attended three proms. What a lucky girl!

Before Milford High Junior Prom, 1999, with my friends Tessa and Tynan, and my date Sean.
No, I don't remember why we were all so disgusted and confused.
Yes, that is how pale I naturally am.

Before the Hopedale Junior-Senior Prom, 1999.With my friend Tynan, again, before meeting up with our dates.
If I wasn't going to wear all black, clearly I had to wear something white, gauzy
 and mystical looking topped with a Renaissance-style bodice.

I don't have any pictures of the third prom I went to - probably because I crashed it. After being dumped as a date by two consecutive guys (thanks, Tynan.) before my MHS Senior Prom, I decided that proms were stupid and I refused to buy a ticket.

Then, a week before the prom, I met some random guy at a poetry reading in Worcester who read a poem about his car catching on fire. I asked him to go to the prom with me and he agreed. We then dated for the rest of the summer.

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Miss Kolleen said...

i went to 4 proms--- my junior, jeff's senior, my senior, and my friend phil's senior when i was a sophomore at ssc. phil's was the best one. i wanted to go to my brother's, but he refused to have one of his friends take me, because i was pregnant at the time!i think this is why i throw dress up christmas parties-- i love the dressiness of proms.