Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today I Won

Today was one of those lucky days where I was presented with a solid win for every major downer that was sent my way.


Downer: I had to be up at 4 AM to go to my coffee shop job.
Win: Jason woke me up with breakfast in bed.

Downer: I saw a hawk almost kill itself when it hurtled into a plate glass window at the coffee shop.
Win: Cool, a hawk!

Downer: Tonight, at my restaurant job, we had a little goodbye party for a coworker who is moving to San Diego.
Win: Ice cream cake!

Downer: One of my guests at the restaurant was a miserable Cruella de Vil look-alike who left me a three dollar tip on a seventy dollar check.
Win: Still really excited about the ice cream cake!

Goodnight everyone. I'm going to go think some more about ice cream cake.


your impressed sister said...

breakfast in bed at 4 am? what a guy : )

Jason Dubinsky said...

Yeah, he sounds AMAZING!