Friday, January 29, 2010

Things I Learned Tonight on Wikipedia

All your Little Miss Muffet, Goldilocks and Oliver Twist fantasies may be more attainable than you thought!

While taking a stroll through Wikipedia tonight, I learned the following things:

1. Cottage cheese is curds and whey.

2. Oatmeal is a type of porridge.

3. Cream of Wheat is a type of gruel.

Number three was an especially exciting revelation for me; as a child, I sometimes pretended that my Instant Cream of Wheat was gruel with Smurfs mixed into it.

Turns out, I wasn't just demented - I was intuitive too!

I celebrated my new knowledge by making myself a nice bowl of porridge.

It was juuust right.


Miss Kolleen said...

youre so cute.

composing_lola said...

so's your face!

Kelly said...

I thought of this post this morning as I was eating my porridge with Snorks.