Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prepare to meet your doom!

Tonight at work I walked by a table that was occupied by a family of four. At that table, a little boy had a chopstick poised inches above a small bowl of grapes. As I passed, the boy yelled, "Prepare to meet your doom, grapes!"

My first instinct was to laugh.

So I did.

My second instinct was to consider all the ways I could help the boy in his mission of terror. As luck would have it, the restaurant I work for is currently featuring a Haitian Rum Raisin Bread Pudding. Get where this is going? Yeah... we have raisins in the kitchen.

I imagined tossing a handful of raisins on the table where the grapes were, then leaning down and screaming into those grapes grape-y faces, "Look what we did to your friends, grapes!"


I can't wait to have kids.


Miss Kolleen said...

kids are amazing. like when one day, they yell out I LIKE COWBOYS!! and then the next day they yell out WHEN I GROW UP IM GOING TO BE AN ANTHROPOLOGIST!

Noel said...