Monday, September 6, 2010

To Snooze or Lose...

I've been posting a lot of the reasons why I love my new cell phone. Here is one thing that I hate about it:

The twisted sicko who designed the alarm on my phone put the "snooze" and "off" buttons right next to each other; they're as close together as they could possibly be. So, when my alarm is waking me from a deep sleep, often well before the sun has risen, it's infuriatingly easy for my sleep-clumsy fingers to fumble on the touchscreen and press the button that dismisses the alarm rather than pressing the button that resets the alarm to go off again in another five minutes.

I've been oversleeping a lot.

Here's what the alarm program looks like:

Here are some other, equally disturbing, images of alarm prototypes by the same program designer:


Miss Kolleen said...

hahah mine is the same way. i was almost late today-- 3rd day of school.

your sister said...

my alarm clock has a second top tooth coming in.... what do you think about that?