Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting Mugged - Great For a Laugh!

Earlier this week a good friend of mine was mugged while waiting for the T at Downtown Crossing in Boston. The dude ripped her iPhone right out of her hand. A crowd of about seventy people - including an MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) employee - just stood and watched while she struggled with the creep and was dragged fifteen feet before he ran off.

Later, the MBTA worker explained his failure to intervene by claiming that he thought my friend was just joking around.

My anger with this MBTA employee's disturbingly apathetic negligence led me to fantasize about him getting fired.  I imagined him, his head hung in shame, mournfully dragging his feet as he joined the unemployment line. It was a pretty good fantasy. The dream was spoiled, though, when my imagination kept churning and I visualized him getting a new job as a security guard at a zoo...

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