Thursday, October 2, 2008

wowza beautiful!

Oh, I love it...

7 Abandoned Architectural Wonders of Modern Asia

I don't know when I first developed a love for the haunted, morbid beauty of ghost towns - maybe it was when I was about six years old and visited Mayan ruins near Cozumel with my family. Maybe it was when I was seventeen and traveled to Italy, where I spent a day walking through the narrow, ash-dry streets of Pompeii. Or possibly it happened when my friend Tessa turned me on to a website managed by a woman who was able to get permission to ride her motorcycle through the abandoned areas surrounding Chernobyl and take pictures.

Ghost Town

Some day, I would very much like to visit some ghost towns here in the U.S.

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J.T. Turner said...

Hey Lady!

I am a ruins junkie, especially Mayan ruins and old churches, so I get the ghost town feelings.

looks like so much is going well with you, cheers!