Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freeze Tag

Mademoiselle Kolleen tagged me in an online task that involves posting "five non-important things/habits/ quirks" about myself and then tagging five friends who have blogs to do the same. I am not sure, however, that I have five friends who have blogs so I am only doing the first part.


1. Often, when I find a song that I love, I can happily listen to it over and over and over again... probably up to 100 times in a row before its magic begins to dim even a bit!

2. Just in case it ever happens, I sometimes like to consider how I might conduct myself if I got sent back through time into my infant body, but with my my current adult mind and all my memories.

3. I almost never wear identical socks, and have not since I was probably about 12. I put great care into matching my socks... coordinating colors, patterns, or themes between the lefty and righty... but they are always from two different pairs. The one exception to this is when I am in my work uniform and wear two identical black socks.

4. I credit the movie Jurassic Park with being the combustible that ignited years of horrible teen-and-young-adult depression. I remember lying in my bed at my family's beach cottage, my mind replaying the scene where the Brachiosaurus rears back on its hind legs and the music swells... I was overwhelmed. I didn't think anything in real life could ever be as beautiful as that Brachiosaurus.

5. I get so nervous about my front teeth jutting out again like they did when I was a kid, I have developed the anxious habit of pushing on my teeth with my thumb.


Now, I extend an all-inclusive tag to anyone who reads this. Give it a try... it's a fun writing exercise!

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Noel said...

challenge accepted!