Saturday, October 4, 2008

She Bangs

Recently, I took a pair of scissors and gave myself some bangs. Also recently, my parents moved from Hopedale to Plymouth. In the purging process that accompanied their move, my mother gave me a stack of photographs from my childhood. So, tonight I celebrate two things:

1) Having bangs for the first time since grade school.

2) My scanner working again.

Clearly, my mother decided that the best way to offset my asymmetrical teeth was with asymmetrical bangs.

This is me with childhood pal Danielle at my family's once-upon-a-time beach home in Rhode Island.

Oh, little Lola... so much angst for such a young girl...

This is me with my guinea pig, Woody (that's right. Woody.)

This photo demonstrates an interesting fact about me: when i abstain from tanning, I am capable of achieving a level of paleness usually only reserved for albinos.


Danielle said...

The onset of your youthful angst has me looking like a deer in headlights.

...and I remember woody! :)

Tanya Rose said...

You are the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!! Upload more thanksssssssss

joopers said...

1) this is the greatest blog that ever existed

2)when i told mom and dad that i wanted to name him Woody, i can only imagine what they were thinking. but in my once upon a time innocent mind, it truly was just cuz i had a crush on Woody from Cheers. yeah, that's the story i'm sticking with. :)