Friday, October 29, 2010

I May Be a Victim of Evil Mind Attacks

I recently downloaded a half hour-long guided meditation onto my iPod. I listen to it in bed at night to help me relax. For six nights in a row, I have made it about ten minutes into the meditation before falling asleep. Thus, I have no idea what the last twenty minutes sound like.

This troubles me.

I am prone to bad dreams, and a string of disturbing nightmares has lead me to feel very concerned about those elusive final twenty minutes of the meditation. Last night I was determined to make it through the whole thing but, approximately ten minutes in, I passed out. Once again twenty minutes of talking went into my ears, in stereo, while I was unconscious.

What is happening in my ears while I'm sleeping?

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gcourage said...

This sounds like a promising premise for a movie...