Friday, July 16, 2010

Request Week: Day 4


My friend Dave's request: "....dinosaur on rollerskates, being ridden by a fez-wearing shark"

Feast your eyes, sir!

The tyrannosaurus had learned much from his partnership with the shark but, tragically, he had also inherited one of his ally's fatal flaws:

If he ever stopped skating, he would die.


stephdeorio said...

you're amazing lola!

Jason Dubinsky said...

Steph is correct about your amazingness. I especially like the expression on the shark's face and the way he is pointing "onward" with his fin. Awesome.

Dan Shanahan said...

first of all that t-rex is amazing! that said i am most impressed with your obvious understanding of scale. im pretty sure a full grown shark would sit just there, and look about that size on a Tyranosaurus' back. thank you for your accuracy

your sister said...

how long did it take you to draw this one? i'm impressed (as usual)