Friday, July 2, 2010

I Don't Need Psychotherapy, I Need an Agent!

If I'm awake, you can safely assume that my inner dialogue is going at a faster and chattier pace than the super-speedy disclaimers at the end of radio ads. It's like a high school cafeteria up there in my head - a dissonant symphony of competing voices babbling silly nonsense, blown-up drama, petty gossip and sex jokes.

More than anything else, though, I have songs running through my mind. Sometimes I'm singing something catchy from the radio, sometimes I'm awkwardly trying to translate English lyrics into Spanish, sometimes I'm writing my own little ditties about life, love, the internet and video game characters.

I started writing songs when I was pretty young. My earliest recollection of a song I wrote was circa fourth grade. It was called, "Down Went Jenny." I remember very few of the lyrics, but there was a repeating chorus that went,
Down, down,
Down went Jenny, Jenny...
 The lyrics were set to an upbeat tune, and I choreographed some sort of bizarre 60's-era swim motions to perform while I sang. The song was about a girl (Jenny) who wandered into a lake and drowned.

I also remember that I ended the song by segueing into a commercial for an imaginary company.
So, kids, the moral of the story is:
Buy Harvey's Life Vests!
Good job, little Lola. Way to be a pioneer for the "creepy jingles" sector of the advertising industry.

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