Monday, November 10, 2008

My Mother's Reception Dress

At my parents wedding reception, my mother wore an incredible paisley dress with one of the shortest skirts I have EVER seen. I adopted that dress when I was in high school, and would wear it as a shirt over a pair of jeans.

Here is a conversation that I had with my mother a few months before my wedding:

ME: I was hoping that towards the end of the reception I could change out of my gown and into your reception dress. Would that be okay with you?

MOM: My reception dress?

ME: Yeah, I thought it would be really fun and meaningful.

MOM: (Doubtfully.) Oh... okay.

ME: Would that be alright with you?

MOM: I suppose so. It's just that...

ME: What?

MOM: What would I change into then?


ME: (Sighing.) No, Mom, I don't want to wear the dress you're wearing to my wedding. I want to wear the dress you wore at your wedding.



Stovetop said...

Goddamn look at those sexy legs!

Yours aren't so bad either :)

Tanya Rose said...

I love this ... I hope people don't overlook your dads outfit ... it's AMAZING

It's crazy how much your mom looks exactly like you and exactly like you're sister. I mean, not really crazy because she made you both but ... you know what I mean

joopers said...

that is too damn funny. hahahaha

Miss Kolleen said...

your mom.... she's got lovely gams! yours aint so bad either!

cute story. i have no idea what i am wearing at my reception, though its cute to know that both my mother and i have/had crocheted wedding dresses.

of course, mine is black, but whatever!