Saturday, August 2, 2008

un tatuaje de Gorbash

Is there any way to save and print a paused screenshot from YouTube? I would like to have a picture of baby Gorbash from The Flight of Dragons on file for possible future tattoo consideration. A thorough image search online provided me with a few options, but not the exact picture I want. I was able to find a clip from the movie (or, in this case, a clip from El Vuelo de los Dragones) on YouTube, but don't know how preserve the exact image that I like (which can be found at the 3:02 mark, if you care to look).

My inspiration for possibly getting this tattoo comes from both my affection for weirdly animated 80's fantasy movies and my appreciation of the Margaret Atwood quote, "the youngest in a family of dragons is still a dragon from the point of view of those who find dragons alarming."

However, whether this tattoo comes before or after the Watership Down tattoos that I've been planning remains to be seen.


Miss Kolleen said...

jeff tattoos.

just saying.

Jay said...

I have solved your problem. You owe me sex.

Tanya Rose said...

There you go, my love

When can I see you againnnnnn