Friday, August 1, 2008

Barbie's Dream House: Not so dreamy

Take a moment to browse through these photos of the current Barbie Dream House.

I'm pretty certain that, proportionately, mine and Jason's small two-bedroom apartment has more square footage. Is this really the best that Barbie can dream up? I mean, come on - one of the house's hottest selling points is a Murphy bed.

My personal dream house would include just a few of the following elements:

An underground bomb shelter

Separate living quarters for my live-in massage therapist

A room where the entire floor is made up of a giant trampoline

Secret passages

What's in your dream house (please don't say, "two songs on the house intercom" because Barbie already beat you to that one)?


Leslie said...

Lola, so glad you asked! My dream home: DEFINITELY secret passages...but might need doggy doors that give them away. I would need a walk in earing clothes, just accessories. definitely would want a fire pole, a pool, a room to dance in with a disco ball, and a room solely dedicated to building forts.

Miss Kolleen said...

a large studio for our artwork
large pink and turquoise beauty room
built in bookshelves in all the walls
a porch

i don't ask much :)

Noel said...

Good question! I would want a pillow room, a hot tub, a huge tv to watch movies on, and a hanging bed. Welcome to blogger!

Mr Bearkins said...

a map room, a prayer room, a kitchen with the range on a central island island and fire places everywhere. And of course an under-ground passageway connecting it to my world domination chambers buried deep within the earth.

i want more lola writing! if you still need an editor i'm up for it. ;)