Friday, May 13, 2011

Cubicle Remedies

I used to work in a restaurant and in a coffee shop. Now I work in an office in a cubicle. One would think that this would involve a downgrade in regards to scenery.

One would be wrong.

Now, instead of a view of a kitchen or an espresso machine, I have a view of Gotham City.

The above snapshot is of a cubicle just down the row from me. Needless to say, I am both deeply envious and immensely inspired.

I've decided I need ideas for some full-on, theme-crazy redecorating in my own cube. I asked for suggestions on Facebook and those suggestions include:

  • Dinosaur and unicorn wonderland
  • Tea party
  • Dinosaur and unicorn tea party
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Dinosaur and unicorn apocalypse survival zone
  • Shrine to Dan Clinton.

So, my best idea for a theme at this point is "Dinosaurs and Unicorns in the Aftermath of a Tea Party Apocalypse, with Ninja Turtles Kneeling at a Shrine to Dan Clinton."

Any further input would be welcome in the comments section.


gcourage said...

Lola, you should make cutouts of unicorns and dinosaurs from white cardboard (like you get in the back of pantyhose) that way you can reposition them randomly every day and thereby stave off boredom for longer than would otherwise be possible. I once did this with an underwater scene containing fish, dolphins,mermaids and other sea creatures. In a pinch, you can use ordinary toothpaste as glue.

GU World said...

Make it original- Dinosaurs and Unicorns having a tea party with Ninja Turtles in a coffee shop that serves food during an apocalypse caused by something stupid that Dan Clinton did. ( sorry- who's Dan Clinton?)