Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just re-read my to-do list from earlier this month. Here's a partial status update:

- Read a bunch of books.

I am attacking this goal with enthusiasm and thrift! I recently discovered the Used Book Superstore in Danvers and it has changed my life.

- Commit to a yoga habit! My goal is stepping it up from once a week at the YMCA to twice!

So far, so good. I've been making it to more morning classes and have been subsequently feeling fantastic.

- Find out that I passed the MTEL Communications and Literacy Skills test and then prepare to take down the English subject test.

Done, and doing! I did well on my first MTEL exams, passing both of the Communications and Literacy Skills subtests. I have since been working on a massive, homemade study sheet for the English subject exam, which I plan to take either in September or November.

- Eat ramen with plenty of Tabasco stirred in.

Not an original goal from my previous entry, true, but a noble aspiration nonetheless. I plan to attend to this matter almost immediately. Wish me luck.

Delicious, spicy luck.


Miss Kolleen said...

i have so many books and plan on downsizing soon-- watch for a list; you can take whatever you want :)

mmmmmmm spicy luck.

your disappointed sister said...

i don't see an update on daydreaming about your unborn niece/nephew (should i have written "niece or nephew"? sounds like i'm having a hermaphrodite. does this mean you haven't thought about the bambino at all? not a good start auntie lola!!!