Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Name Game!

To date, I have appeared in various documents at my place of work under a variety of different names. Legally, and for all intents and purposes, my name is:

- Lola Cutter Hensel

Got it? Well, when I first brought in my paperwork to the seafood restaurant I work at in September, I brought with me an old but not-quite-expired passport in lieu of my social security card (which I lost). What I didn't realize at the time was that my passport still had my old name - the name my parents gave me and my family still calls me - from before I had it legally changed. So, for my first few months there, my name appeared in the computer system as:

- Laura Hensel

After some pestering, I got my General Manager to make the correction. Well, to attempt to make the correction at least. According to the computer systems, my name is now:

- Lola Hansel

Yet another manager is in charge of scheduling and apparently, in her opinion, my name is:

- Lola Jensen

That's what appears on the schedule she posts on the wall in the break room every week anyway.

A new General Manager recently came on at the restaurant and, as is to be expected, he has his own ideas of how things should be. Thus, he refers to me during meetings as:

- Lola Henschel

Every other week, however, I receive a paycheck and that check is made out to:

- Lola Hensel

I breathe a little sigh of relief every time I see this paycheck, and I take a moment to cherish the delightfully correct spelling of my name. So great is my gratitude that I am usually not saddened by the fact that said check is most often for zero dollars (this is normal for servers).


Here ends the entry. I'm off to watch Lost!


Lola/Laura Cutter Hensel/Hansel/Jensen/Henschel


Julie HENSEL Fitzgerald said...

Jensen? Really? Oh god.

Miss Kolleen said...

LOST was the best episode of the season.

And my name is legally spelled with a C. but in 6th grade i spelled it with a K and thus Kolleen is my name.

Noel said...

I often received mail for Mr. Noel Fisher or Ms. Noelle Fisher, but my all time favorite mail is that which is addressed to Mr. Noel Gazaille (hubby's last name that I have not taken).

your Friends loving sister said...

my personal favorite wrong name is Miss Chanandlor Bong....... c'mon you remember that. could it BE any funnier?