Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lamest Dreams Ever

Regardless of where I was working, I have had work-related anxiety dreams fairly regularly for about six years now.

I recently made the difficult decision to move to a different restaurant after two years with the wonderful people at Edgewater Cafe in Salem. Last night I was engaged in four and half hours of paperwork, informational videos, and "fish school" at the new restaurant I was hired at in Peabody. And, after my very first night on the clock at my new job, the anxiety dreams began...

I dreamed that I was at an unfamiliar restaurant as the lunch shift was just beginning. There was some nice old gentleman who, for some reason, was supposed to be sat specifically in my section. However, I realized suddenly that I didn't know any of the table numbers or how the sections were divided. Frustrated, I went around the restaurant asking other employees to tell me where my section was but no one would talk to me.

Ugh. I feel so cheated after a night of obnoxious dreams like that. Dream time is supposed to filled with weird, dark, crazy goodness. It is supposed to be spent climbing through secret passages in your home that don't really exist, or being swept up by hundred-foot tidal waves, or running away from monsters that terrified you as a child (my personal demon seems to be the giant from Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure). It is not supposed to spent enduring an eight-hour unpaid work shift under the most stressful conditions your lazy, overworked brain sees fit to conjure.

What dreams do you hate having?


Miss Kolleen said...

theres nothing i hate more than having dreams thats omeone i love has died, or is in a desperate situation that i can't change. i often wake up hysterical and call them or text or email until i know they're okay.

sometimes i dream about my friend alisa that died, that she has just been in hiding these past 10 years, and i wake up very sad.

usually, though, i have really bizarre dreams, brought on by seroquel i think; the other day i had a dream i was forced to watch my friend get married in this weird ritual that involved pouring rose petals on each memeber of the wedding party, then he joined the army and we walked around a track that had ducks everywhere as i told him not to go to the army. what the hell is that?

Noel said...

Ugh, work dreams are the worst! When I used to work at Hot Topic I would have dreams that I was folding t-shirts. When I worked at the movie theater I would dream that I was selling tickets. What do boring, repetitive dreams symbolize?
P.S. I still can't watch IT without having nightmares.

joopers said...

i have Hercules dying right in front of me dreams a lot. yup. definitely not pleasant.
another recurring one - i'm in college and it's half way through the semester and i realize that i have a class that i was supposed to be going to all semester but just forgot about it and hadn't gone to it even once. and because of it i can't graduate. why didn't someone remind me about the damn class?