Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Gentle Reminder

Just over a week ago I drove from Marblehead, Massachusetts to my new home in Austin, Texas. I was accompanied by my husband Jason and our friend Conor. In an effort to avoid bad weather, we took a slightly more scenic route than we might have otherwise: All the way down the east coast and then through the southern states. We saw a lot of interesting things.

In Louisiana we drove by an informational billboard that I have recreated for you here:

Yes. This billboard really exists. It seems that Louisiana residents needed a reminder.

In a moment of goodwill, I began to consider other billboards that I could propose in an effort to inform commuters - some gentle reminders that might help to get people out of trouble before they get into it. Here's one idea I came up with:

I'll be putting my proposal together soon. If you have any other billboard ideas, please share!


Anonymous said...

selling meth to supplement your income is illegal. DON'T.

feeding your neighbors the remains of homeless people disguised as award- winning chili is illegal. DON'T.

disguising your fight club as a book club is illegal. DON'T.

downloading the newest julia roberts movie because you don't want your friends to see you at a julia roberts movie is illegal. DON'T.

using rat poison as confectionary sugar on pastries is illegal. DON'T.

Lola Cutter Hensel said...

Yes, these are all excellent suggestions! I won't forget them when I'm writing my proposal. WON'T.

Charles Michael said...

Hey my people are just ahead of the curve-just watch in a couple of years people in Mass will be doing the same. It just makes sense really, make a buck where you can. Come on people! This is America! Capitalists Huzzah!