Thursday, December 16, 2010

Your Sushi's So Easy...

This sign is posted in front of my favorite Chinese restaurant:

I love this sign.

I assume that what they meant to say was, "Our sushi chef can even prepare sushi in your home," - a sort of "imagine the possibilities" enticement. Instead, a simple misplacement of words makes this advertisement come across as a condescending comment on how remarkably easy sushi preparation is.

"Even our sushi chef can prepare sushi in your home... and he's 
a drunken howler monkey. So what's your excuse?"

Alas, the oh-so-elementary skill of making sushi is beyond my ability, so I'm forced to rely on the disdainful proprietors of this Chinese restaurant for my maki fix.


Brian said...

Sushi so simple, even a sushi chef can make it!

Brian said...

also, caramel maki-mato