Monday, December 6, 2010

Lame Candy

Here's a photo I snapped on my camera phone today:

Marshmallow Christmas Lights. I could perhaps see the festive, fun qualities of, say, a candy necklace that is made to look like a string of Christmas lights. However, a single, dry, puffy light seems kind of pathetic.

I made some quick sketches of further candy ideas that this company might like.

Marshmallow Reindeer Antler

Marshmallow Christmas Tree Needle

Marshmallow Hanukkah Candle Dripping

If you have any more ideas, please post them and I'll make sure to pass them along.


- Celes - said...

Marshmallow reindeer poop

Wait, people would love that. I bet I would get it in my stocking. My little brother would laugh hysterically.

Marshmallow snow

That's actually pretty ingenious now that I think about it, because you could just use regular mini marshmallows. Re-marketed, repackaged, I could make a fortune.

I'll get back to my suggestions after I get rich.

dp said...

Marshmallow Empty Wrapping paper role.

Marshallow cookie crumbs.

Brian said...

Marshmallow recent issue of Mad Magazine, because it's what I get in my stocking every year.